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Thursday, April 25, 2013

NaPoWriMo Day 25: Ballad of Spring Beginning - Just Another Rough Draft -- if you please.

Today’s challenge is to "try another musical form — the ballad. Traditionally, ballads were rhymed poems that told a story of some kind, and were often set to music. They were sometimes set in four-line verses, with an ABAB rhyme pattern, employing alternating 8 and 6 syllable, iambic lines. This 8/6 iambic pattern is sometimes referred to as ballad meter. The use of this type of pattern was not universal, however, and old ballads often involve different syllable counts, as well as refrains that break up the verses.
The form has generated many sub-genres over the years, including the sentimental ballad (think “Danny Boy“), the gruesome murder ballad, and of course, the power ballad. The form’s come a long way from the folk songs with which it began, but the narrative aspect of the ballad remains intact.
Your ballad could be sad, or funny. It could tell a tale of love, or murder, or just something silly..."

Here's my rough draft of a ballad about how spring returns gradually among returning birds, northern-winter housebound neighbors, and growing things.  I'll have to go some to coax it into visuals and rhymes  to awaken the senses...The last verse could potentially be used as a refrain.

The first sounds of spring are
piercing, querrelous, scolding, sad,
busy conversations as new
bird families establish their homes.

The walkers come out first
accompanying their dogs who
eagerly discover
their usual places near trees.

New neighbors start to be
familiar faces, old neighbors
compare their garden plans
children get out their bikes, or run.

When tired grass becomes green,
flowers, and buds on trees are seen,
when cardinal calls out,
so boisterouly to his mate,

Robin cocks his soft head
at worms as they turn, and the
chickadee calls to all
who will listen, "It's spring, it's spring!"

1 comment:

  1. Lovely, you did this well!
    Not long left then we get a breather : )
    ps. Gosh, mine are ALL drafts!