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Friday, April 4, 2014

A Blessing as Charm

Day Three suggests writing a charm akin to a nursery rhyme and/or recipe.  I chose to share this blessing which I wrote at the request of a friend, to the tune of a familiar folk song/hymn:  Can you identify it?

A Blessing for Clara Adamson
on the Occasion of Her Baptism,
Christ Church, Bermuda

By Shirley Franklin 

Wake my child,
For life awaits you
with all its joys.
Peace be yours,
comfort in sadness,
or when life annoys.
Life’s a gift to give on giving;
Share your sunshine with the living.
Understand, that with  forgiving.
Hope springs anew.                  

In your heart
may Christ be welcome,
always at home.
Grow in love,
With friends and family
surrounding you.
Live to share another’s sorrow,
courage take, for each tomorrow
comes anew.  No trouble borrow.
Peace be with you.

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