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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter! Ironically, a day of sacred freedom, but the poem is of secular "Bondage"

One of the pleasures of Napowrimo is the number of poems and blogs you can link to from the daily page and its responses.  Today the challenge was to write something in the voice of a family member.  I followed a link to one responder's blog delightfully named  "Shhh... Voiceless Fricative" (voicelessfricative.word) The author pens a delightful fantasy in the 'voice' of her precocious three year old daughter.

Oops--The down side is that it may be a bit inhibiting to have read such a good response before I write my own!

Anyway, it's been a full and Happy Easter (Happy Easter everybody!), and I'm going to let today's suggestion percolate for awhile before I respond.  Lord willing, I'll be back..

Three days later...Ok, here's the voice of a familiar family member.


Where're you going? You didn't tell me about that.
You don't have enough to do around here?
What time are you going to be coming back?
Where is this thing going to be held?
Who else is going to be there?
What do you do at these things?
Lot of gossip, I suppose.
When are you going to stop running around
and start sticking to business around here,
       do something 'useful'?
So you didn't bother to look for the car keys
       before you went out?
Why didn't you ask me?
I'll be in bed when you come back;
       Don't make noise.
                                   --Shirley Smith Franklin

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