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Monday, April 14, 2014

Twenty Questions: What's a poem of seven triplets and a couplet called??

Napowrimo's prompt for day fourteen is a version of the game of twenty questions:  Simply write a poem, any poem, in which every line is a question.   Here are twenty three.  Kind of bald, as a poem; not very poetic, but maybe, someday, I can hone a worthy poem from some of these thoughts!...

How do I love thee?
How would you like to be loved?
How do you love me?

Do you remember what moved you?
When was the first time we met?
Did you know how truly I loved you?

Why do we argue so often?
Is this normal, for husband and wife?
What would cause our hearts to soften?

Do you know how I love you to hold me?
Do I listen to understand your cues?
Did I believe your love when you told me?

Shall I compare us to an early fall?
Can nights be both warm and chilly?
Is there a reason every time you call?

When you laugh, do you laugh sincerely?
Do I know when you come and go?
Do you know I picture you clearly?

When you go away, why do I fall ill?
When together, why do you confuse me?
When you're gone, why are you with me still?

How do I love thee, dear one?
How do I know you love me still?
                                        ---Shirley Smith Franklin

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