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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Napowrimo Day Nine: Recycling words of songs

Napowrimo Day Nine

Today’s prompt, suggested by Bruce Niedt is to take a random song play list from any media you like, and use the next five song titles on that randomized list (this implies mixing up the titles at random?) in a poem.  I choose to use a list closer to home, i.e. random golden oldies (then popular songs) that I remember my mother listening to on the radio, or singing, during my childhood:
"You are my sunshine"
"When the red red robin comes bob, bob, bobbin' along"
"Brighten the corner where you are'
"The old lamplighter"
"Blue skirt waltz"                          and I come up with this prose poem...or is it?

As she appliques a robin to her granddaughter's too sober navy blue skirt,
she finds that the sewing machine bobbin has run out of red thread, and there
is none in her sewing box, but then morning sunshine brightens the corner
where she sits at her machine, and it occurs to her to zig-zag-stitch, around
the robin, a bright yellow aura, reminiscent of the sun, or a softer one, as of
an old fashioned streetlights being illuminated by a lamplighter on his way down
the street in front of her childhood home. (Funny, the way memory
brings both solace and fresh perspective to dilemmas large and small.)
When she rises next from her machine, she waltzes out of the room,
stepping and bobbing along to a remembered tune..
                                                        --Shirley Smith Franklin

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