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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Notice to Readers" - A poem of Lies, lies, all lies

Today a prompt from Daisy Fried:  write a ten line poem of ten lies...silly, complicated, tricky, or obvious...Cheeky challenge.

Notice to Readers

If you read this poem before breakfast, your coffeepot will never run dry
You can always deceive people, because there is no such thing as lie.
Drying tennis shoes in the dryer will restore them just like new.
Don't look now, but somebody is always standing right behind you.
The gibbous moon is unstable, and only occurs when the world is at peace.
Ball point pens were invented, but are now illegal, on a tiny island in Greece.
Writing drivel like this will make your brain more intelligent.
At least it will understand why you did, and where the time went.
A half truth doesn't count as a lie unless you're standing on a crack.
If you carry this poem in your pocket , today's schedule will stay on track.
                                                           --Shirley Smith Franklin

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