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Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 27 Napowrimo Twenty Seven - Princess

Although it's the twenty seventh, Napowrimo's day twenty six prompt was to write an ekphrastic (i.e. written to accompany a work of art) poem, describing one of four given photographs, none of which inspired me, or a photograph of one's own, which I did.


You were princess for a day, once.
Your mother had planned out a princess-themed birthday party,
an elaborate treasure hunt which you and your little friends
owned with the lightness and surety of five year olds,
dashing from point to point to find pieces of costumes
only little girls expect to wear as their right,
ballet tutus, improbable gauzy wings, tiaras, at the end,
mardi gras garlands of gaudy beads and a wand
with a star for each princess guest, your majesty
waving yours over all with gladness and joy.
There were giant cupcakes to be conquered,
fitting largesse for reward.
No need for games, for princesses are content
to bask in the company of other princesses.
If only for the day.
                                  -- Shirley Smith Franklin

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