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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Final version, "At the Condolence Table,": Napowrimo Day Seventeen

Napowrimo Day Seventeen's challenge is to write a poem, preferably about something I experienced just today, describing it in terms of at least three of the five senses.

Condolence Table

Friends gather, family are already there.
We speak in hushed voices, look around with care.
There's her son's wife, let's speak to her,..Where is he?
It's a pity, she was so young, 'seems to me
Just last week we were planning to go for lunch
She seemed so well at the time. I have a hunch
she must have gone quickly, I hope without pain
Ohh, it's done, I hope that slide show starts again.

A hush falls, I turn to the table, and when
I see it is my turn, I take up the pen
and then--I'm startled by a fragrance so near--
a bouquet of lilies before me, right here,
bend their generous velvety petals my way,
almost brushing my hand as though wanting to say
a beautiful woman has passed this way,
this gracious, this gentle, this kind.

                                           --Shirley Smith Franklin

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