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Friday, April 11, 2014

(A Bad Ad)

Napowrimo Day 10's challenge is to write an ad, as simple as a Burma Shave jingle, or whatever develops...I recall an assignment to do something like this in junior high school and still remember the ditty about a fictitious soup I wrote at that time.  I'm not so into it this time around, but come up with:

The Good Egg

You know how some people seem naturally good?
They are always doing and saying things they should,
not just please and thanks, but a little bit more?
That's how you will find us at our Super Store.
'Need a friendly smile, or a handshake at the door?
Our Super Store has that, and a little more.
Need to find a product or informative lore?
We will help you find it at our Super Store.
Need to return an item you never wore?
No problem, we'll accept it, so evermore,
Keep your pocketbook handily at your side
Because you're sure to find something at Super Store!
                                     -- Shirley Smith Franklin

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