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Monday, April 14, 2014

Kenning: A Nordic concept

Napowrimo day thirteen.  Today's assignment involves writing a poem that includes at leasn one 'kenniing,' which iconsists of a newly-coined adjective which is made up of two words, joined together as a descriptive term, this usage probably arising out of similar language in Nordic sagas, to which this fragment is similar in meter. I couldn't help returning to the idea of "keening," which is a different thing, but which I should return and study in relation to this one.  I wanted this one to have a combined ominous/boisterous chant feeling.

Fanfare for When the North Wind Blows

There blows winter-harbinger,
See, he blows the branches bare.
Then he stalks both here and hinter,
seeks destruction-wreakimg there.
Winter-bringer, bone-cold-zinger,
stern he stalks without a care
save to make our homeland colder,
banish songbirds everywhere.
                            --Shirley Smith Franklin

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