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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The first day of NaPoWriMo 2014.  I couldn't be more disappointed in the prompt.  Directed to a site featuring something called "Bibliomancy," I was further directed to consult an 'oracle' for a supposedly divinely (actually set up to select at random from a database selected by the site's author) inspired quotation on which to base a poem.  Call me prejudiced, but I think that whole area of divination is either bogus or dangerous, or both.  True, I could derive ideas and inspiration from any source, but I don't see why to resort to this game for selection of what is purported to be an effect of synchronicity anyway.

As it is, I find plenty of prompts and inspiration in the everything I read, everything I hear.   There's been an emphasis on listening, this Lent and one particular Bible verse has been 'following me around' for the last several days :  "He (i.e. God) heard my complaint."  So here we go...

Evening Prayer

"I complained unto my God...He heard my complaint."
Psalm 18:6, 7

Oh God!
'I'm sick and tired of your complaints,' he says,
'I don't want to hear any more of it.
Keep it to yourself.'
I am rebuffed for a moment, silent
for I hadn't intended to complain,
really. Or had I?
I was actually glad he had agreed
to hang around while I did the dishes
until I was done.
How nice to be able to say goodnight
when both our tasks were done for the night,
with time on my hands
now sweet with lotion and free to hold him,
to lean against his confident shoulder,
breathing in his breath
hearing the soft low rumble of his voice
from within as he whispers good night
and sleep well,
instead of complaining about something
(he often does) as I stand by the sink.
I say, ''I've been in the kitchen for hours
and begin to add, 'I appreciate---,'
but alas, he's "tired..."
Our communication goes down the drain
like dirty dishwater, uneaten food,
unfinished business.
Oh God, why is it so hard to be heard?
Who is listening?  Is he? Or am I?
I  trust that You do.
                      -- Shirley Smith Franklin


  1. This was very content making for me. I love the casual relationship with God. I have a similar. I like it.

  2. Thank you Patrick. I am intrigued by your term 'content making'. Does this mean it prompted you to write something of your own? Please share!